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757 million people cannot read this sentence. To help Pearson International fight illiteracy, we created Virtual Reality stories inspired by real people who were kind enough to share a glimpse into their responsibilities, fears, hopes and coping strategies as an illiterate person. We shared these stories in the hopes of inspiring others to join Project Literacy and advocate for improved literacy on a global scale.

Explainer Video
Concept Art

The VR Experience

The experience is comprised of 3 seperate 360 POV scenes that you are dropped into as a user. You are able to transport yourself into the shoes of each character to see what if feels like to be illiterate.

I based each script off real stories of real people and worked with team of script writers, developers, matte painters and audio artists to create a rich VR expereince that left users speechless and with a call to action to sign a petition for the millions of people who can't read or write.

Design in the browser
Design in the browser
Design in the browser
Design in the browser
Design in the browser
Design in the browser

Concept Art

As we shoot footage on site, I worked with the team here to create storyboards and concept art to evoke the mood and direction the expereince should convey.

Concept Art Concept Art Concept Art


My Role

  • Ideation
  • Art Direction
  • Project Managment


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